Implementing the Lavish Lifestyle, One Beauty at a Time

Lavish Beauty Baskets was started by Krystle Ajaegbu in 2017.  She is a Scientist by trade and has worked as a Cosmetic Chemist in the beauty and home industry for over 8 years.  With all her experience, she never landed her "dream job" so she created her own. 

As a mother and businessman, she believes, wholeheartedly, in the pursuit of dreams and the empowerment of women.  It is her goal to create affordable lavish pampering and self care products that add balance to your hectic daily life... giving you a chance to decompress from your crazy, busy life!

At LBB, we provide effortless pampering with handcrafted products. Our goal is to engage you in a unique, sensorial at-home spa experience with luxe creams, lavish body scrubs, enticing candles, and more.


Krystle Ajaegbu

Owner & Creator


Hackensack, NJ

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